LeChuck’s GROG Big Whoop Brewery – Monkey Island


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  • SCUMM BAR tune

    Add some music to your mug. Scan the QR Code on your mug and enjoy your coffee with The SCUMM BAR tune!

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Start your morning with a mug of GROG from LeChuck’s GROG Big Whoop Brewery. We know you’ve been searching for a quality mug and we think this one is just right. It features a logo shield with LeChuck’s GROG, and it can optionally have a QR code that will start the The Scumm Bar theme song, so you can feel like a mighty pirate drinking GROG from your mug. Perfect gift for any fan of Monkey Island who wants to become a pirate! Arrrrr!!

Top quality ceramic mug with AAA Orca coating or OX Premium coated mugs.

Fade resistant and chip proofed
Glossy finish.
Dishwasher & Microwave safe.
Hand made to order.


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