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Hodl Crypto Mug

You’ve caught the digital currency money fever. Is time to get rich! You’re earning, you’re trading your favourite coin and you’re hodling. Show your dedication to the cryptocurrency community with this inspirational mug. As digital asset investor, you know crypto is a volatility roller coaster. You never know which way the price value is going to go. So it’s best to just hold on tight and HODL. This quality ceramic mug is perfect for crypto asset holders that believe in “hodling”. The mug features the famous crypto word hodl with your favourite crypto currency in the place of the “o”. Mug available for any token including Bitcoin, Ethereum (ETH coin), Ripple (XRP coin), Cardano (ADA coin). Let us know what’s your favourite digital asset is, and we will add the logo for you.

The Hodl Crypto Mug would make a great gift for any crypto investor, trader or enthusiast! Enjoy your coffee, keep your hands off your cryptocurrency exchange, and HODL your crypto asset!

The history behind making the famous word to become a favourite term for cryptocurrency traders comes from the earlier days of the crypto craze. Bitcoin’s price and other cryptocurrencies are very volatile with high level of risk and gains. During a big price dip, someone post a twit crying to the crypto community to “hodl crypto” as strategy, instead of “hold”. The word used by mistake, HODL, is as well an acronym for Hold On for Dear Life. HODL represent the value opportunity and money risk trading a digital coin. Since then, a crypto currency trader is known as hodler!

Top quality ceramic mug with AAA Orca coating or OX Premium coated mugs.

Fade resistant and chip proofed
Glossy finish.
Dishwasher & Microwave safe.
Hand made to order.


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