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  • Coffee Break Mug

    Coffee Break Mug


    If you love coffee as much as we do, we are sure coffee breaks are among the best moments of your day. Enough working! Get in the mood for a well needed coffee break with the perfect mug for it. Top quality ceramic mug with AAA Orca coating or OX Premium coated mugs. Fade resistant…

  • Coffee From the field to your mug

    Coffee From The Field To Your Mug


    The perfect gift for coffee lovers. A mug with a design explaining the coffee production process, including: Harvest, Pulping, Farming, Roasting and Brewing. A mug to immerse you in the world of coffee production, from picking to roasting to brewing. The glossy finish captures every detail. This mug makes an ideal gift for any occasion,…

  • Coffee Best Friend

    Coffee is My Best Friend


    Coffee is one of our best friends too! Kick off the morning with a friendly coffee and get ready for a fantastic day ahead. Top quality ceramic mug with AAA Orca coating or OX Premium coated mugs. Fade resistant and chip proofed Glossy finish. Dishwasher & Microwave safe. Hand made to order.

  • Coffee Label Mug

    Coffee Prescription Label Mug


    Mug designed as a drug prescription for coffee or tea or whatever you want. Great gift for someone that tend to have bumpy moody mornings! By default you can personalised the name of the person but additionally you can change all text you need. Personalise any section including: Patient name, drug, doctor, prescription instructions, dosage,…


    I don’t give EEFFOC


    If you are a morning coffee lover and you have an obsession with cats, this is the mug for you. It is Tuesday morning and you just got to the office. You can smell that coffee bean roast aroma and your body is craving for a dose of expresso caffeine in vein, before you can…

  • I poop breakfast whats your superpower

    I Poop Breakfast! What’s Your Superpower?


    This hilarious mug is perfect to start your day with a coffee and a smile. A top quality mug featuring a chicken with an egg falling off from its behind. The words on the mug read “I poop breakfast! What’s your superpower?” Great to have your coffee in the morning and remind yourself that you…

  • Light up your day with coffee

    Light Up Your Day With Coffee


    As coffee lovers, the best way to light up our day is having a nice coffee first thing in the morning. Do you agree? If you are like us and the first thing you do as soon as you wake up is to prepare your coffee, this mug will get you in the path of…

  • Purr Evil Mug

    Purr Evil Coffee Mug


    The Purr Evil Coffee Mug features 3 cute evil cats conjuring a spell with a cauldron, complete with bubbling coffee brew and magical smoke aroma. The perfect gift for cat lovers and people who enjoy a bit of dark humor to spice up mornings and coffee breaks. It makes a great gift for Halloween, April…

  • You can sleep when you are dead

    You Can Sleep When You Are Dead Coffee Mug


    This mug is perfect for the coffee lover who isn’t afraid of a little bit of dark humor. Make your morning cup more enjoyable adding a touch of sarcasm with this funny coffee mug. The design is vintage style, featuring a smiling cheeky woman having a coffee with a funny quote that reads: “Coffee! You…

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